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When seafarers select their employer, is crew connectivity a provision that would influence their decision?


Crew connectivity has contributed to reduced social interaction on board?                                                                  


Do you believe that existing laws, regulations and/or collective agreements are sufficient to properly support the welfare and wellbeing of seafarers?                                                                


In your opinion, are seafarers treated, looked after and compensated quite well by responsible employers and is there little that can be done to further improve the wellbeing of seafarers.


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Wista Cyprus aims to be a major player in attracting more women to the Maritime industry and supporting women in management positions. With networking, education and mentoring in focus, Wista Cyprus can enhance members’ competence and empower career success.


Our forum was created to open the discussion between crewing professionals on how we can ensure that seafarer well-being is a focal point of the industry, ensuring that the men and women at the heart of shipping are cared for properly whilst on-board.

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