Dr. Luiza Shahbazyan

@ Panelist

Luiza Shahbazyan holds a Masters Degree in Cognitive Science and a Doctoral Degree in Psychology. She has extensive experience in project management and has been involved in a number of European and global research projects before joining Safebridge Cyprus, in 2016. Currently, she is leading the development of the Safemetrix product line. The portfolio of Safemetrix psychometric products enables companies to measure the non-technical “soft” skills and cognitive abilities of their crews, in order to identify areas of strengths and concerns in the process of recruitment, analysis of training needs and appraisal for promotion readiness.

Non-technical skills are becoming a core competence as crews with different views and cultural backgrounds are required to work together to solve increasingly complex problems onboard. However, diversity can be a challenge and ensuring everyone possesses the necessary skills is a must to increase collaboration and prevent isolation, harassment and prejudice, given their detrimental effect on the wellbeing of the seafarers.